Behind Roobiee Rants

I’m a 48 year old woman.

I am someone’s daughter, someone’s sister, someone’s mother, someone’s aunty and not so long ago, I was also still someone’s granddaughter.

Woven in between these important structural roles, are the other significant if more fluid forms which I inhabit; friend, neighbour, colleague, peer and of course when the Gods are smiling, lover!

On August 17th 2015, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

This is my attempt to record and make sense of what is happening to me.

Some of my posts are written retrospectively using notes, emails, voice recordings, photographs and diary entries as an aide-mémoire, some are directly transcribed and as such may be more sombre or emotionally charged.

It was of great comfort and support to me in the very early days of my journey to read other women’s stories, stories shared on-line through videos and blogs of real people, living real lives-lives with the awfulness of cancer dropped right into the middle of them.

5 thoughts on “Behind Roobiee Rants

      1. Hello kirsty

        So sorry to hear your mum is in that awful place of waiting on results again, I remember it so clearly.

        I’m doing good thank you, I was told there is never really an ‘all clear’ with breast cancer so its always at the back of my mind that it might return.

        Please give your mum my best wishes and let her know that I am keeping my fingers crossed for a good result and a positive outcome.

        You take care of yourself too Kristy it’s a terrible situation for you to find yourself back in, my thoughts are with you.



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