August 26th 2015-Biopsy Bruise and More Bad News!


August 2015
26/08/15- Hospital Waiting Room: Here we all are again, me and the other 1 in 8’s who drew the short straw! Apparently, breast cancer is the most common cancer in the UK.

So here I sit, with my common cancer and this time I have to admit I’m a little less confident than I was last week, however, I have done my research and read my leaflets and I have a brand new set of questions prepared!

I have decided that there are certain things I need to know about my cancer because being in the know, means that I have acquired knowledge and as we all know the acquisition of knowledge is the acquisition of power!!!

Consultant No. 2: Biopsies confirm cancer cells are present in both tumours as well as the lymph nodes…
…size, grade, blah, blah, blah…
I didn’t realise they’d even been biopsied??? Ok, so not quite as prepared as I’d thought…still I have my little silver notebook so all is not yet lost!

Pen in hand, I circle the number 2 in my ‘Grade’ slot at the top of my ‘Things I need to know’ page-noting above it ‘provisional’ as advised by Consultant No.2 and I can tell you for nothing that I’m not liking the sound of that because let’s be honest, the only way that number is going with further information, is up! I can also circle the number 2 in my ‘Stage’ slot-one more and I’ll have a ‘Full House!’

And so it transpires that I have a larger tumour of 5cm and a smaller one of 1.6cm. I’m also informed that we are still waiting on results for my cancer’s Her 2 and oestrogen receptor status.

The good news of course is that my right boob at present, is still looking good-not something I thought I’d ever be saying again about either of them since the full impact of gravity plus age began in earnest, around four or five years ago!!!

Now! Due to the fact that some of my cancer cells have made a bit of a run for it, broken free of the bright lights of the big titty (sorry, that was really bad and yet…I’m keeping it in!) and found themselves hanging out in the relative suburbia of my Lymph nodes, there is an increased risk that some of them may have aspired to even greater travels, journeying beyond the breast region, carried gently along in my blood stream to strange new and exotic lands, such as my liver, lungs, brain and bones.

Consultant No.2 books me in for a CT and Bone scan asap in order to rule this scenario in or out.

If my scans are clear then the focus is on treating the breast and the possible options for this are as follows:
Chemotherapy to reduce the size of the tumours followed by breast conserving surgery aka lumpectomy or wide local excision.
Mastectomy followed by Chemotherapy

Either way I definitely get to have surgery, Chemo and Radiotherapy so at least I achieved a ‘Full House’ somewhere along the way!


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