September 3rd 2015-Bonehead Day!


03/09/15-My Garden 08:17: Just finishing my coffee, sitting outside listening to the glorious sounds from the overgrown hedgerow at the bottom of my garden. Fifty million birds all busily sharing the gossip from last night, dishing the dirt on each other’s neighbours and arguing over who’s job it is to clean out the nest.

It is amazing!
I am filled with such joy.
I always take great pleasure in drinking my first cup of coffee out here, the privilege of sharing this time with my comical avian neighbours today however, is magnified.

My phone notifies me I have a text, my friend checking in reiterating her relief from yesterday’s news as well as her excitement that our ‘Back to the 80’s’ weekend away is now good to go.

I respond accordingly. Officer Auto Correct however in his infinite wisdom has decided that when I wrote ‘Minehead’, a coastal town in the south west of England and the location of the eagerly anticipated trip back to our youth, what I actually wanted to say was ‘Bonehead’ much to my friend’s delight.

And so today, the third of September, will be known from here on in as Bonehead Day and will be acknowledged each year in celebration of the first day of the rest of my life, for however long that may be. And those who know me well will undoubtedly think it a rather befitting name!


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