October 25th 2015-The Fork in the Road- extract from an email

25/10/15-Extract from an Email to my consultant

Since receiving the news about the clinical trial randomisation I have been doing some thinking which I would like to discuss with you, however as another week or so will have passed before this is possible I have put the crux of it in this email and I am also going to try to speak to your colleague in the interim, in the event that other wheels can be set in motion to avoid further delay should I come to a final decision.

My understanding is that the adjuvant therapy I would receive on the trial, whichever group I was selected for, would be measure for measure the same as the adjuvant therapy I would receive if I was not on the trial.

If I had been selected by computer for the non surgical route I would now be moving forward to adjuvant therapy alone.

If there is no difference in the adjuvant therapy and there are no medical reasons for my selection to the particular trial group I was selected for, then it is my understanding that if I chose to withdraw from the clinical trial and then to decline the standard recommended lymph node clearance procedure and to opt for the adjuvant therapy only, I will not be increasing or decreasing my current risk level or prognosis any more than if I had been selected for the non surgical trial group in the first instance.

Obviously there may be other factors that I am unaware of which might further influence any final decision I make but at this point with the information I have available to me, the above alternative scenario would appear to be the right one for me.


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