January 7th 2016-Surfacing

07/01/16- Bed 06:30: A week has now passed since my second chemotherapy infusion on New Year’s Eve.

I find myself emerging once more, breaking through the surface of this second chemo-coma and although still physically manageable, emotionally it hit me harder than the first.

This morning I am well.
This morning I feel relatively ‘normal’.
This morning I feel alive and life makes some sense again.

Today I read a post from the journey of a sister-in-suffering.

Today I cry for a strong and vibrant, beautiful woman I have never met as she openly and honestly describes the raw impact of the chemotherapy upon her body, her mind and her spirit.

Today…for her, my heart breaks.

I relate to common, shared physical symptoms though mine have been far, far milder and for this blessing I am so very grateful.

I relate to common shared emotional and psychological symptoms and I feel as powerless to comfort her as my loved ones feel to comfort me.

And albeit momentarily, I feel closer in this second to the strangers who inhabit this virtual world of cancer blogging, than to those familiar folk of my real world, those bonded to me by blood, by life, by years.


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