January 15th 2016-The Third Gender?

15/01/16-Home: so far I still have most of my eyebrows and lashes. I assume this will not be for much longer though and as such feel its time to prepare!

I consider my options, tattoo, daily stencilling or simple acceptance!

I decide to investigate the first two options further and begin to Google!

Did you know you can get eyebrow wigs??? Wigs for your eyebrows???

Life never ceases to amaze me!

…or for that matter, amuse me!!!

Anyhow whilst checking out this amazing, slightly surreal find, I come across the following and I just have to share because it is simply priceless in it’s innocence:

“Whether you are a man, woman or cancer patient, there are false or fake brows for men, women and cancer patients”


I had absolutely no idea that when I got diagnosed with the scary ‘Big C’ that I would lose my identity as a woman!

It’s probably something to do with the confusion that occurs around having one breast and being bald???

Perhaps it’s harder to identify which gender I am, I mean men have flat chests don’t they? And women don’t go bald do they?

So I guess its pretty helpful really…you know…rather than someone get it badly wrong…and to save chronic embarrassment all round (like when someone asks a work colleague when the baby’s due only to discover from the look on her face that it’s actually a little Christmas excess she’s carrying!)…definitely best to have another option!!!

You just have to laugh-there’s always something to brighten up your day!


One thought on “January 15th 2016-The Third Gender?

  1. Oh my, haha! Thank you for sharing this! 😂 I didn’t totally lose my eyebrows but they thinned considerably. I opted to draw them in when I needed to and left them as is otherwise. Whichever you decide, I’m sure you’ll look great!

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