February 3rd 2016-‘Somewhere Under the Rainbow’


03/02/16-Home: I open my eyes stretching and yawning my way into a new day and I know straight away that the chemo-clouds have once more lifted.

The sun prods and pokes at me through the cracks in my blinds like fingers tickling my ribs and I find myself smiling and giggling with the relief of finally finding myself again.

I jump out of bed alert and alive and sing to my porridge as it bubbles in the microwave “You’re just too good to be true, cant take my eyes off of you…”

A couple of days ago whilst still in a deep funk, I had received a text from my very dear friend, grandmother to my son and my once upon a time might-have-been mother-in-law, had life dealt out a different set of cards all those years ago.

My very dear friend lives on the Isle of Wight so over 200 miles and a ferry ride sits between us. Getting together is rare but we maintain a strong friendship through text, calls and emails.

The message had enquired as to my up coming availability, specifically could I be at home today between twelve and five in order to sign for a Special Delivery.

…I had checked my diary for this week and as I had suspected…I had nothing pencilled in- other than some continued moping about and being a generally miserable mardy pants-which I was pretty sure I could put off for a few hours, without losing too much momentum!

So, yes! I’d agreed to wait in!

I open up my back door and sit in the doorway soaking up the warmth of this Winter sunshine. The ever busy birds, chitter chattering all around as the honey sweetened cereal begins to fill my belly.

And I feel like getting out today. I feel like going out.

Weirdly, at that precise moment my phone goes- it’s my parents: They are off to the DIY store followed by a run out for lunch and would I like to join them.

Would I!!!

…then I remember I have agreed to wait in and sign for a Special Delivery.


I thank them for their lovely offer, advise them of my Special Delivery situation and offer them coffee and cake at mine on their way back from their lunch.

And although I have to wait in later there’s nothing preventing me from getting out for a short walk this morning as long as I’m back in time for my Special Delivery!

My walk delivers all that it always promises me as I once more unfold and stretch out my neglected muscles, shift my tired heart from neutral into 3rd and give my stale, housebound lungs a good blow through.

As I come full circle back on to my village high street I call in at the shop for a few provisions as well as a fresh roll for my lunch and some cake for my folk’s afternoon coffee and catch up.

I arrive at my door with ten minutes to spare.

Shopping still on the kitchen table, I sit to remove my trainers knowing I’ll be paying for the audacity of striding out whilst my soles are still in recovery!

I plod painfully through to my front room to check it’s fit for visitors, plump up the cushions, fold up my mardy blanket and tidy away the numerous DVDs strewn across the floor.

Just as I’m turning to leave the room my attention is drawn to the window where a couple of people are heading towards my house with a large flat package in hand…my Special Delivery?

I focus in on the couriers thinking it rather unusual that there are two of them…and something familiar about the woman…my brain slowly joins the dots and the full picture appears-my Special Delivery is in fact a very special delivery indeed!

My very dear friend and her partner have travelled over five hours across land and sea to bring me their gift in person and after the shock of the surprise has sufficiently died down I clumsily tear at the paper to uncover a beautifully quirky, framed picture entitled ‘Somewhere Under the Rainbow’.

And I smile as I remember our conversation from a few weeks ago when we’d swapped rainbow stories, both of us holding onto the hopeful symbolism of one of life’s amazingly beautiful phenomena.

As I drift back from reminiscence, my very dear friends are busily unpacking picture hooks, sizing up my available wall space and requesting a hammer!

Smart folk are these two! They know if they don’t hang my rainbow now, it will still be taking up floor space this time next year! Lazy, lazy One-Boob-Roobiee!!!

Whilst we contemplate the best place to display, I pop the kettle on and as I carve up the Angel cake a knock at my door heralds the arrival of my folks.

So as the sun tracks it’s way across the sky and the afternoon begins it’s decline I stand in my kitchen and watch with huge affection as well as a tiny mixture of amusement and amazement as this small cooperative body measure and mark, hammer in nails, tighten string and finally hang my wonderful symbol of hope.

It is said that many hands make light work and too many cooks spoil the broth but somewhere between these two idioms- four pensioners in perfect harmony manage to make one woman very, very happy!

‘The soul would have no rainbow if the eyes had no tears.’

(Minquass Native American Proverb)


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