Chemo 1-Symptoms in Brief

Days 1-4: Moderate nausea. Disturbed sleep. Dry mouth. Altered sense of taste. Poor appetite. Lethargy. Tiredness. Constipation.

Days 5-7: Mild nausea. Improving sleep. Croaky throat. Dry mouth. Altered sense of taste. Improving appetite. Decreasing lethargy. Tiredness. Shortness of breath. Constipation. Painful bowel movements.

Days 8-18: Slightly altered sense of taste. Mouth and throat soreness. Slight external mouth soreness. Extremely painful bowel movements. Swollen urethra. Labial sore. Hair loss. Mild heartburn.

Days 18 onwards life returns to some kind of normality and I get to enjoy most foods and a glass of wine or two-woohoo!!!